2015 Worldwide UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition - International Year of Light

Youth have the ability to connect with their generation as well as bridging with other generations to bring fresh new perspectives, new possibilities and effect positive change. Youth will be the future leaders, their voice needs to be heard!

We have invited Youth (ages 10-24) around the world to take part in the 2015 UNESCO Worldwide Multimedia Competition. They are to come up with innovative solutions to address the following question:

The "Year of Light" focuses on the topic of light and light sciences and its applications; but it is the human curiosity that underlies the vision which brings light to the hearts of humanity.

What kind of light-based innovation would you come up with to promote sustainable development and meet the needs of a global challenge such as energy, education, agriculture, or health?

Youth will respond to this question by making a 3-minute video, multimedia presentation, written essay, art work, or by any other method that channels their specific passion and talent.

There will be 9 finalists! They will be published on the UNESCO website and in various papers around the world. They will be recognized and showcased in global events during 2015.

It is in the minds of men where peace begins and in the minds of youth where ideas form that will become reality in the future. Through this competition we will empower and enable the Leaders of Tomorrow!

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