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Square dancing has enjoyed a sustained and widespread popularity for several centuries, and interest in this folk art, while still intense - is not as intense today. Square dancers are an integral, important, and expressive part of American art and culture. Square dancing eased the danger and hardships of life on the American frontier, and needs to be preserved for generations to come.

The Whirl and Twirl Square and Round Dance Club is a nonprofit 501c(4) organization located in Orlando, Florida. For over 50 years, Whirl and Twirl has been celebrating and promoting the national dance of the United States. Through a variety of educational programs such as square dance lessons and demonstration events - as well as through weekly scheduled square and round dance events here in our Central Florida community - Whirl and Twirl works to keep the Square Dance experience alive and well, while seeking a significant, lasting impact on our local community. Our club has just celebrated it's 50th anniversary, and our Central Florida location is prime for attracting visitors from all across the globe. Many nights we have the opportunity to welcome guests who are here in Orlando on vacation, and who desire to participate in one of the few truly American cultural activities - the SQUARE DANCE!

The outgoing social exercise of this wholesome physical and old-time cultural activity offers a valuable antidote for the tensions and pressure created by the conflicts of the modern American life. In order to help ensure the long term success of our Orlando dance center, Whirl and Twirl dance club has set a goal of $50,000 in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Help us promote this truly valuable American heritage with your generous donation today!

Come and join the fun - or - visit us online at www.whirlandtwirl.org

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