Dollars for Wellesley Scholars

Welcome to my Boston Marathon fundraising page in support of the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation (WSF)!

It’s my pleasure to raise funds to support the higher education needs of Wellesley students demonstrating financial need, whom the WSF has been helping since 1951. Although the WSF provided over $278,000 to 89 students last year, the foundation calculated that in the same year those students saw over $1.1 Million in unmet financial needs.

Because the WSF is a 501(c)3 organization, your donation is tax deductible and because all administrators are volunteers, all of your donation benefits students’ college financial needs.

I’ve completed around 20 Half Marathons, but this will be my first full marathon, and the Boston Marathon has been on my bucket list ever since I moved to Wellesley 18 years ago and started watching it on Patriots Day at the 13 mile mark, steps from my home.

My Half Marathon experience tells me that the race itself won't be as difficult as you might imagine because of all the encouragement spectators give during the race. The real challenge is the training. Completing a 6 mile run at 5:30 AM on a Wednesday or an 18 mile run that’ll wipe out your Saturday, when no one is there to cheer you on – that is the true struggle. That said, your continued donations will steadily remind me why I’m doing this and that people are indeed cheering me on.

Please help me keep my motivation and fund the hopes and dreams of students by donating today!

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