Monica Gow

I will be representing Wake Up Narcolepsy for the 3rd consecutive year running the Boston Marathon on April 16, 2012. For me, training for a marathon (26.2 miles) is extremely difficult and requires devotion. I draw on my son’s quiet determination to stay motivated and commit to training for this race.

I am running this marathon for my teenage son who suffers from narcolepsy-cataplexy. Even though I will endure pain and tiredness during my training, it pales in comparison to the symptoms my son experiences on a daily basis with periods of severe sleepiness and sleep attacks.

By training and running Boston, he will see me work hard and push myself for something I believe in; to make his life better and all of those suffering with narcolepsy-cataplexy.
This will be the last year I run the Boston Marathon and I have decided to set a challenging personal fund raising goal of $20,000. I am very grateful for your continued support and prayers for my son these past few years. During the last two years of fund raising for the Boston Marathon you have helped me personally raise over $38,000. All funds raised during the Boston Marathon will go to scientists researching for a cure for narcolepsy-cataplexy.

Thank you for your continued support. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help.
My sincere thanks,
Monica also ran in the 2011 Boston Marathon and 2010 Boston Marathon.

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