Super Fujunobao

Chinese doctors have proposed a fundamentally new sexual enhancer called Fujunobao Super, which contains more than 40 medicinal herbs. Furunbao Super is a drug with a long-term effect. Furunbao Super works by normalizing the function of the vessels responsible for filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. When erectile, they usually expand and an erection occurs at the right time.

With a single application, Furunbao Super has a soft, long-lasting, stimulating erection effect. Course application 1 capsule in 3-4 days for 10 weeks allows you to have normal sexual intercourse without resorting to additional stimulants. With this recording method, the natural erection is restored in 80-85% of cases.
Fujunobao Super can be used regularly or occasionally due to its safety, non-addiction and side effects.

Super Fujunobao improves the quality of life and normalizes all manifestations of the inner sphere in men.

Fujunobao Super is highly effective after the first dose, regardless of age and the degree of erectile dysfunction - the effect of one capsule lasts 3 to 5 days and thus ensures a complete love affair.

Fujunobao Super well tolerated, safe and easy to use
1) increases inner desire
2) improves erection quality
3) sharpens orgasm, changes sensations
4) stimulates the brightness and duration of sensations
5) increases satisfaction with sexual intercourse
6) increases self-esteem
7) alleviates all symptoms of prostatitis

Highly effective for erectile disorders that can affect any man
- the complex businessman - the deterioration in libido as a result of fatigue and stress.
- a violation of erection and a decrease in desire as a result of psychological and hormonal adjustments
- a violation of erection
- premature ejaculation

The course application Furunbao - 1 capsule in three to four days for 10 weeks allows you to lead a normal life without resorting to additional stimulants. With this recording method, the natural erection is restored in 80-85% of cases.

Furun Bao Super - harmless to health, with visible long-term effects, high digestibility, non-addiction and side effects.

Expert assessment of the raw material base
In accordance with the documents submitted for testing, the manufacturer recommends the product "Fusunbao-Super" as a biologically active dietary supplement made from a source of flavonoids, panaxosides and beta-sitosterol, which have a tonic and gentle effect for men.

Contraindications: Increased nerve irritability, insomnia, high blood pressure, impaired cardiac activity, pronounced atherosclerosis, individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements. Before using, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

The structure includes
1. Ginseng root present 60 mg
2. Sage root of multi-rhizome 25 mg
3. Goryanka grass 30 mg
4. Lingzhi mushrooms 40 mg
5. Rhizome with roots of Japanese Dioscorea 35 mg
6. The fruit of Chinese goon 45 mg
7. Alpini rhizome of 35 mg

Shelf life - 2 years. Store in a dark, cool place.

The use of Furunbao Super in complex therapy and monotherapy in patients with erectile dysfunction contributed to the restoration of erection and desire in the majority of patients, regardless of the cause. For our patients we have recommended the drug 1 capsule in the morning 40 minutes before meals every three days for twelve weeks. In this case, the appearance of side effects to the drug is not pronounced.

Therefore, by combining this drug with conventional treatment methods, it is possible to speed up the recovery time.

For recreational and preventive use
1 capsule twice a week for 10 weeks is therapeutic and allows you to have a normal act of love without resorting to medication. With this recording method, the natural erection is restored in 80-85% of cases.

For a one-time stimulating effect, take 2 capsules 40 minutes before the expected effect with a small amount of food.


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