Help ThyroidChange Become A Nonprofit Organization, 501(c)(3)


Help ThyroidChange ( become a nonprofit organization dedicated to change in the treatment of thyroid disease!

Patients worldwide are suffering due to current guidelines in the treatment of hypothyroidism. This situation motivated thousands worldwide to unite as the ThyroidChange community. Our efforts have had historic success, but we will not stop until we achieve change. We believe that organizing as a nonprofit is the next step toward achieving our goal.

In our first year, ThyroidChange made history. We united 12,000+ members of the international thyroid community, obtained the endorsement of many notable supporters including the elite of expert thyroid care, and worked together knowing that change will be achieved through mutual support.

As a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3), ThyroidChange will be able to apply for grants, accept funding, and gain credibility that we would otherwise not be given. We need to keep the momentum, and continue advocating until we end the suffering of international thyroid patients.

ThyroidChange will continue to unite the international thyroid community, while educating patients and physicians on the current climate of thyroid care. We will seek to fund research into treatment options and testing beyond TSH. ThyroidChange’s evolution will enhance the authority of our voice in the scientific community so that we may better drive change in the guidelines for the treatment of thyroid disease worldwide. ThyroidChange’s ultimate goal is to represent the interest of the individual thyroid patient while working with medical associations and endocrinologists worldwide.

Please help us to achieve our funding goal of $5000 (registration as a business, seeking Federal tax exempt status, which can be a long process requiring legal assistance, fees for use of this funding website to ensure your security, taxes, etc). All donations will be used to keep ThyroidChange moving forward. We will be the only thyroid disease organization with our perspective in the United States. Our belief is that current standards of care are insufficient, and thyroid patients worldwide should have access to treatment options and testing beyond TSH only.

Please donate as much as you can, even a little helps. We are taking our quest for change in the treatment of thyroid disease to the next level. PLEASE help us make this a reality.

we need change. donate now.

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