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Friday, JAN 9th
Noon - 1:30 PM

Private Venue
91 Newbury Street - Floor 2
(Between Berkeley + Clarendon)

Hand-Cut Roman Pizza from
Local Artisan Beverages




Nada Sage Tonic

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic is Founder and CEO of Sage Tonic, a startup whose first product is a holistic solution to stress and anxiety, launching in the Spring of 2015.

Dr. Nada is also a Board-Certified, Harvard-trained physician and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School. In addition to conventional medicine, she practices Integrative Medicine for cognitive and behavioral conditions. Nada has specialty certifications in Regenerative and Functional Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Chinese Herbs. Her training involves the use of evidence-based treatments that include: acupuncture, bio-identical hormone therapies, herbs, nutritional supplements, clinical-grade aromatherapy, as well as light and sound therapy.

She is also the Founder and Director of the Integrative Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). This is a collaborative program with Boston-area school clinics to treat and educate high-school students who suffer from anxiety and stress conditions. Dr. Milosavljevic’s program provides alternative and complementary treatments as well as educational services to teach students various preventative health measures.


Christina Wang is the Vice President of Strategy and Finance for the Marcus Samuelsson Group in New York City. Managing the finances and helping to build new restaurants for celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson (you can watch him on The Taste, Food Network, and other various media channels), Christina can vouch that there is no typical day in the restaurant world.

A passionate hospitality professional, Christina was previously the Director of Education with the International Culinary Center (formerly French Culinary Institute). Her interest in sharing knowledge and spreading the joys of the food and beverage world has led her to clients in Europe, Asia, and South America. A lifelong student, Christina is a certified specialist of spirits and wine, and holds degrees from Harvard Kennedy School and Wellesley College. She is also the founder of SixTomatoes, a culinary consulting company focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses reach their full potential.

She has never met a wine or cocktail that she would not try…at least once.


Born and raised in Massachusetts and stemming from an entrepreneurial family, joining the start up known as Alton Lane in 2012 was an easy decision for Chris Cuozzo. The vision behind Alton Lane is to revolutionize the way men shop. Through an appointment only model, an exceptional customer experience, new school technology, and extreme value; Alton Lane has carved out quite the nice for themselves at 91 Newbury Street. Exposed brick, leather couches, unique wall decor, a custom built mahogany bar, the world's finest fabrics, a 3D body scanner, and an experienced staff are just a few of the reasons why Alton Lane is quickly making a name for themselves in the rapidly growing menswear industry.

At the formative age of 9 years old, saving up his weekly allowance, Chris began putting labels such as Z. Cavaricci and Skidz on layaway at the Burlington Mall. Chris credits his family with teaching him to be a scrappy, hard-working individual and still uses those skills on a daily basis.

In 2009, Cuozzo decided to turn his love for fashion into a career and launched his own brand known as Dressed By Christopher Cuozzo, which focused on semi-custom casual and dress shirts, as well as soft goods for men, women, and children. He still owns and operates Dressed but has shifted the focus to the unique offering known as Closet Rehab.


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