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I grew up watching the Boston Marathon - sometimes in person, sometimes on TV - but never dreamed that one day I would be a part of it. After being a "gym rat" for many years, I decided that I needed a new challenge and signed up for a sprint triathlon. That completed, the next challenge was a half marathon. Around that time was when the dream of running Boston started to form in my mind. Now, five half marathons and two full marathons later, I am so pleased and proud to have the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon and help raise money for the Claddagh Fund at the same time.

When I learned about what type of organizations that Claddagh Fund supports - children, veterans, and addiction recovery - I was even more excited to run for this charity. As a children's librarian, I am certainly in support of any organization that helps children. In addition, my husband is a veteran who also spent many years struggling with alcoholism. He was able to get the help he needed and this year proudly celebrated 31 years of sobriety. The connection we have to all three of these types of organizations makes me even more thrilled to make my marathon dream happen and be a part of helping others. Thank you for your support!

The Claddagh Fund was founded in 2009 by Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys. Ken, his bandmates and their families have supported charities throughout the history of the band. Understanding the power of their position to harness the passion and generosity of their fans, the Claddagh Fund was created to raise funds for and broaden our impact on worthy, underfunded non-profits that support the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.

Utilizing a grassroots approach to fundraising, The Claddagh Fund supports community-based non-profits, with a focus on children and veterans organizations and programs that support alcohol and drug rehabilitation in cities across the country and around the world.

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