Michael Morrison

Owner and Operator of RideAway Kayak & S.U.P on Cape Cod. 
My passion is to introduce kids to the beauty of nature and the joys of 
an active lifestyle whether it is in our kid's kayak camps during the 
summer or ski instructing in Vail, Co in the winter. This is my first Tough 
Mudder and since I'm so used to teaching the beauty and serenity of Nature, 
I figured this would be an interesting opportunity to let it smack me 
around a little bit and see if I can handle what nature can 
dish out. I love nature and take every opportunity to teach kids how 
to preserve and respect it, but you better believe I will not hesitate to 
punch it right in the face to support such a great cause.

I have worked with the Claddagh fund since it was established and I am 
honored to continue supporting such an amazing organization that benefits a 
cause so close to my heart. The Claddagh Fund focuses on supporting child 
and youth-based non-profits, targeting organizations that support cancer 
research, support and recovery, youth sports, clubs and camps. So to have 
the opportunity to get to be outside, compete, and raise money for such a 
great cause is like my dream fundraising opportunity.

Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting such a meaningful cause 
and I'll let you know how it goes, I'd put my money on nature. 

All donations will support the Claddagh Fund, the charitable foundation of the Dropkick Murphys. Based on the three attributes of the Claddagh Ring—friendship, love and loyalty—the mission of the Claddagh Fund is to raise money and awareness for the most underfunded charities that support struggling individuals in our communities. Harnessing the passion of the friends, family and fans of the band, the Claddagh Fund focuses funds toward children's and veterans' organizations and alcohol and substance abuse programs.

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