Nate Drouin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nate began envisioning a social fundraising platform that allowed anyone to raise money when he was just a sophomore in high school. Three years later he shocked friends and family when he opted out of college, took a job in tech, and successfully secured the domain, fundraise.com, self-catapulting his dreams and pushing his vision to reality.

Driven by a genuine desire to create change, Nate ensures fundraise.com is powerful and flexible enough for organizations of all sizes and is structured around the network effect, allowing users to tap 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree donors through cause evangelists.


Tech, Sailing, Hockey, Squash

Why fundraise.com?

Startups are awesome but they’re also incredibly challenging – the roads are unpaved, the work is difficult, and the hours are long; but I love living fundraise.com, everyday.

I believe that we have the opportunity to change an often overlooked and consistently underserved industry and to solve a tremendous pain-point in a massive market. In turn, this will allow nonprofits to do the work they do best – connecting with people and nurturing relationships - while we focus on everything else.

Causes I'm close to

Anti-human trafficking, Cancer Research, TUGG

Kurt Schneider

Chief Operating Officer

After more than 15 years in the corporate world as a Senior Executive in both Operations and Marketing, Kurt is excited to be getting back to his entrepreneurial roots. Working in a startup right out of college, Kurt provided the impetus and leadership to grow the company exponentially over the next 12 years, leading to its successful sale. Following this, Kurt then went over to the dark side, filling multiple senior P&L roles in a $3.6 billion Fortune 500 multinational, and as CEO of a $130 million engineered systems company.

With a "roll up the sleeves" mentality from his early startup days; his structured thinking and problem solving skills as a Professional Engineer; and his background in corporate financial management, Kurt now brings his gray hair and experience to complement the vibrant youth and energy of Fundraise.com.


Duplicate Bridge, Racket Sports, Hockey, Golf, Wine

Why fundraise.com?

Although providing a much needed service to the nonprofit sector was an incredible motivator, having the chance to work with an extremely bright and driven entreprenuer who was hell-bent on changing the paradigm in fundraising, totally sealed the deal. Besides, the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment with a young and passionate team was like drinking from the fountain of youth."

Causes I'm close to

Watching my mother succumb to breast cancer at an early age, losing my oldest friend to leukemia, and now helping my best friend's wife battle lymphoma has focused my energies on cancer research - in any form, it must be annihilated.

Kevin Bedell

Chief Technical Officer

Kevin keeps things running and coordinates all technology resources at Fundraise.com. He's the guy who makes sure our site is secure and stable, and that it just keeps humming. And with almost 20 years experience with Internet technologies he's the right person for the job. He's worked for large financial companies where having 1000's of people on a website at once is common, and he's worked for startups that were just getting started. He's been working with Ruby on Rails almost as long as it's been around.

In addition to having a technology background, he's done a lot of other things. He was founding Editor-in-Chief of LinuxWorld Magazine (an award-winning technology trade magazine), has served on the boards of non-profits, and even worked as a Finance Analyst after receiving his MBA from The Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. Of course, his most challenging role has been raising kids and training his new puppy, Moka.


Family, Writing and Performing Music, The Intersection of Technology and Business

Why fundraise.com?

Fundraise.com helps thousands of people band together to make a difference in the world. The work is so satisfying -- people use Fundraise.com to address real problems in their life and in that way we make a difference. Like the family whose house burned down, or the mother who's son was diagnosed with cancer, or the girl in Africa who raised money to help get a local school started. These are all real people struggling with real problems. It's exciting to know that we're making a difference in their lives. And the team here is great -- we're a team of experienced professionals who are all good at what we do. It all makes coming to work something that's easy to be passionate about."

Causes I'm close to

The Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund, The Salvation Army, Community Coordinated Care for Children TUGG

Ivan Sifrim

UX Developer

Ivan is an Argentine/Canadian, coder/musician extraordinaire. He spent the last two years working for Music & Youth, designing and directing an innovative music technology program for teenagers. The program was unique because it centered around what teenagers actually wanted out of music, which was to write it, perform it and sell it. Having experienced starting a program from the ground up, and designing it around its clients' needs, Ivan decided to apply his skills to the startup environment. He is now in charge of the fundraise.com user experience, implementing the design and features that our customers deserve.


Music composition, Squash, Trading

Why fundraise.com?

When you become aware of a fundraiser and feel an emotional response to contribute to it, you have very little time to make it happen. That is to say, if the process for contributing is long and confusing, chances are that you won’t go through with it.

This is why I value fundraise.com’s emphasis on user experience. We want to reward you for your generosity by making the process as easy as humanly possible. I am proud to lead this effort every day.

Causes I'm close to

El Sistema USA, TUGG - Technology Underwriting Greater Good

Nick Alekhine


Nick has been immersed in the tech world for years now. During his high school career, he developed custom content management systems and websites for various clubs and small businesses in his spare time. This led him to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science and Interactive Media at Northeastern University, a major that combines both the logical thinking in programming and the creative aspects of art and graphic design. As a current student at Northeastern, Nick is highly involved with the programming culture on campus by being a web developer for the Game Development Club and the Undergraduate Experimental Systems Group.

Why fundraise.com?

A startup environment allows me to work on large scale projects that are meaningful to our user-base and clients. The work we do affects hundreds of organizations and individuals by streamlining the fundraising process. Since fundraise.com is such a small company, I have to be a multitalented employee who works on the visual design, implementation of the design in the front end, and engineering the back end in order to complete our projects. Having this much responsibility is daunting, but at the same time very rewarding because I have to push myself and my co-workers to create new features and new designs every day.


Graphic Design, Street Art, Architecture, Biking, Photography, Live Music

Causes I'm close to

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Environmentalism

Mindy d'Arbeloff

New Business Development

Mindy d'Arbeloff has been playing in the Special Events, Marketing and Fundraising space for her entire career. She spent over 20 years with the Lyons Group where she was involved in the opening and marketing of over 45 restaurants and entertainment facilities, overseeing all of the events and philanthropic aspects of the company.

Two years ago Mindy leapt into the Political world when her childhood friend, Charlie Baker, ran for Governor. As Deputy Finance Director for the campaign, she produced 527 Events in 18 months and was part of a team that raised 19 million dollars; her first exposure to online fundraising that forever changed her views of how to raise money. In a great life twist, Mindy discovered fundraise.com, which she recognized very quickly could completely change the way the world fundraises.

She lives in Milton, MA with her husband, Jim Peyser, her daughter, Rubye (16) and Emma the Wonderdog. Her daughter Charlotte is a Junior at Connecticut College.


Diehard Dropkick Murphy's Fan; Cooking, Eating, Great Restaurants, Crafting

Why fundraise.com?

I have spent an entire career in the charity space. When I first saw fundraise.com I couldn't believe how easy it was to use and how valuable it could be to charities and events of all sizes.

I used an online fundraising platform on the Baker campaign and so I understand the value of online fundraising, firsthand. In my opinion, fundraise.com is a hundred-fold better than what we used and it’s intrinsically social; so crucial in today’s competitive fundraising world.

I love the reaction I get from people I show it to. I feel like I am really getting the chance to teach the world a better way to fundraise.

Causes I'm close to

Hot Stove Cool Music, Wheelock Family Theater, Urban Improv, Stop Handgun Violence, Upper School Parents Association of Milton Academy

Bill Ference

Business Development

At fundraise.com, Bill focuses on creating high-impact partnerships with our new clients. He insists on building true relationships based on trust and communication, and approaches every situation with optimism and an open mind.

Before joining the team, Bill was a technology consultant and owner of a highly successful catering and events business. In these positions, he leveraged his creative and competitive spirit to deliver great results for clients.

Bill is a graduate of Williams College, where he was a two-time All-American in Track and Field.

Why fundraise.com?

I have the best of all worlds here: brilliant people aligned behind a powerful vision, world-class client organizations, a high-energy work environment, and a rock-solid platform that just keeps getting better. We’re building something amazing and I’m proud to be a part of it."


Fishing, Food and Wine, Outdoor Adventure

Causes I'm close to

Rod Dixon’s KiDSMARATHON Foundation

Casey O'Donnell

Account Executive

As part of the sales team at fundraise.com, Casey helps to recruit new business and foster existing relationships. After graduating from college in 2011, she worked in sales for a luxury accessories brand in New York City for two years, while continuing to work very closely with her high school and college alma maters and their fundraising teams. She also grew up working with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, helping them plan events- fundraising and participating. By combining her skills from working in sales and her knowledge of the nonprofit community, she can’t wait to bring her experiences to the table and watch fundraise.com grow.

Casey is a graduate of Harvard College and is a born and raised Boston girl.

Why fundraise.com?

I’m excited to see what it’s like to be involved in a successful company that also has the ability to have a positive worldwide impact. It’s motivating to be around a group of people who believe so passionately about what they are doing and the difference they are making, and even more motivating to be able to see that difference.


Tennis, Good Restaurants, Interior Design, Cape Cod

Causes I'm close to

The Joey Fund, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Perkins School for the Blind

Tom McAvoy

Account Executive

As a two-sport, walk-on collegiate athlete, Tom is familiar with being the underdog and working hard to achieve great things. At fundraise.com he uses that experience, combined with a positive attitude and open mind to drive his efforts to create rewarding partnerships with clients. Tom prides himself on the use of creative thinking, and technological know-how to foster genuine relationships and fundraising opportunities.

Tom is a Boston-area native. Prior to joining the team, Tom studied business administration and computer science at The University of Richmond before enjoying careers in the financial planning and hospitality industries in and around Boston.

Why fundraise.com?

Fundraise was a perfect opportunity for me to use my skills to help great causes with a truly incredible technology. Fundraising and hospitality go hand-in-hand, and I couldn't imagine a better environment for me to combine my creativity, interpersonal relationships, and love for technology in a way that makes me proud to help the organizations that we do.


Football, Golf, Barbecues, Mixology

Causes I'm close to

American Cancer Society, TeamConnor, Habitat for Humanity

Lee Castelo

Project Manager

At fundraise.com, Lee maintains client partnerships by building relationships and managing day-to-day activity for clients’ community fundraising platforms. Lee is detail-oriented and spends his time supporting dedicated, relationship-based client partnerships.

As a recent graduate of Boston University’s School of Management, Lee studied business administration, focusing primarily on small business management and entrepreneurial ventures. Lee has always wanted to work for a startup-- the idea of fully immersing himself into building a business from the ground up was what brought him to the innovation hub of Boston in the first place. He first started as an intern at fundraise.com in March of 2013. Before joining the team, Lee worked for Ultra Design Center, helping to manage their accounting and business development divisions.

Why fundraise.com?

When I first heard of fundraise.com, I was drawn to not only the core values of the company, but also the dynamic team environment. Working with a team of individuals who are so passionate about fundraise.com has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had in my professional career. I am looking forward to being a part of such an innovative and rewarding company.


Golf, Sushi, Snowboarding, Biking, Live Concerts

Causes I'm close to

Greater Boston Food Bank, Project Bread

Jack Miszencin


A recent graduate of Tufts University, with a degree in international relations and economics, Jack took up web development—first as a hobby, then as a career—in order to find a way to more effectively promote positive change in the world. Spending a good deal of time in the world of development economics, non-profits and non-governmental organizations, Jack wanted to work in a capacity that allowed him to not just read and write about global challenges, but build solutions to them. At Fundraise.com, he hopes to bring that dream to fruition, helping worthy causes raise money in as easy and user-friendly a manner as possible.

Why fundraise.com?

I'm excited to be working at fundraise.com because the work we do helps people raise money for the causes they're truly passionate about. Working here makes me feel like I'm having a positive impact every day.


Running, Hiking, Travel, Krav Maga

Causes I'm close to

American Red Cross, UNICEF

Cameron Todd

Director of Client Services

A former collegiate athlete, Cameron recognizes the importance of teamwork, a mentality he brings to the fundraise.com office on a day-to-day basis. Cameron has accrued over five years of customer experience in the retail, high-end health clubs, and the tech industry.

A native of California, Cameron holds a BA in Management from Emmanuel College, Boston. Cameron is also (unfortunately) a diehard Dodgers and Chargers fan.

Why fundraise.com?

I'm really excited to be a part of fundraise.com because I'm surrounded by a group of people committed to not only making this company the best it can be, but also who truly care about developing solutions for the world's fundraising problems.


Sports, Live Music, Box Socials

Causes I'm close to

Farm Aid, Alliance for Climate Protection, GreenPeace

Vedika Mehera

Client Services

Born and raised in India, Vedika moved to the United States for college and has lived here ever since. She has worked passionately with several non-profits, and most recently the state government of Massachusetts. Currently a law student at Suffolk University Law School, she plans to specialize in health law. Her daily routine however consists of the never-ending battle between being good at school and attempting to have the life of a normal 20-something year old.

Vedika is thrilled to be a part of the fundraise.com team and is looking forward to being around while they do big things.

Why fundraise.com?

When I came across fundraise.com while looking for a summer internship, I couldn’t think of a more perfect place for me to work. Having spent a significant amount of time fundraising for non-profits and various causes, I know how tedious and time-consuming it can sometimes be. It was really exciting to come across a tool that encapsulated the power of online social fundraising, and to have the opportunity to work in a space that approached it so differently. After meeting the team and witnessing first-hand how intelligent and dedicated each of them are, I knew it was a place I would have to come back to.


The beach, tennis, Arrested Development, blogs

Causes I'm close to

American Cancer Society, Human Rights Campaign

Tim Croes

Social Media

Tim has been a published writer in the newspaper industry for nearly five years, having spent two years covering high school sports in Virginia and the last two plus years covering three towns in central New Hampshire while writing for The Baysider.

Tim is active in playing sports, watching and being part of the action. He recently competed and finished The Spartan Race that was held at Fenway Park this past November.

He has a diverse background in math and science, having studied mechanical engineering for 2.5 years at Northeastern University, before switching to his true calling and completing his Bachelor’s in Journalism. While at Northeastern, he worked in radio, television and the newspaper industry and found writing to be more thrilling than the other two mediums. He really enjoys writing features about the different fundraisers that occur on Fundraise.com, whether it be a family that needs to raise money for a family pet in need of surgery or a company that is hosting a wine party to raise money for different charitable programs.

I am excited to be part of this exciting venture and as a blogger I get to cover fundraising events all over the country and even the world. I remember logging off after a 45-minute conversation with a client from London, England and being really excited on how well the story was going to turn out.

Transitioning from old media (newspaper) into the new media on online blogging has been something I have wanted to do for the longest time and Fundraise.com has given me this opportunity.


Hiking, Biking, Running, Golfing, Reading, Writing, Racing and pretty much anything outdoors, Live Concerts, Live Sporting Events and Traveling

Causes I'm close to

The Red Sox Foundation, The Xergame Network, Dana Farber

John Goldsmith


John Goldsmith brings more than 30 years of management and investment experience at the highest levels of the securities industry. He began his career as a trader and institutional salesman at L.F. Rothschild & Co. In 1988, he became Chairman and CEO of Tucker Anthony Sutro, a 2,500 person financial services firm with annual revenues of $800 million.

In 1996, in concert with The Thomas H. Lee Company, he led the leveraged buyout of Tucker Anthony Sutro from John Hancock and went on to guide the company through five acquisitions totaling approximately $150 million, as well as the successful public offering of the company in 1998.

In 2001, he spearheaded the sale of Tucker Anthony Sutro to The Royal Bank of Canada. Prior to Tucker Anthony Sutro, John Goldsmith was Chairman and CEO of Prescott, Ball and Turbin, a Cleveland-based regional financial services firm.

John is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston.


Opera, Deep-Sea Fishing, The Beach, and A Good Mystery

Kyle Armbrester

Advisor to CEO

Kyle is a seasoned tech entrepreneur having previously founded and sold two companies. As a senior strategic advisor to fundraise.com, Kyle is focused on helping accelerate growth trajectory, while building a world-class product and team.

Kyle was the CIO on the Charlie Baker campaign in Massachusetts and has years of experience in the online fundraising and social media space. He is the author of several articles and academic papers on cloud computing and integrated reporting.

Kyle is a graduate of Harvard College and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Why fundraise.com?

Boston is a phenomenal place to found and grow a company and fundraise.com has so many of my favorite start-up elements.


Skiing, Scuba Diving, Soccer, Cooking, Wine, Travel

Causes I'm close to

Mass Soldiers Legacy Fund, Red Cross, American Cancer Society