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   Hello, my name is Taylor Smith. Ever since I was a little boy, my dream has been to be a doctor, and to go to highschool at one of those big fancy schools we see on TV. Sadly, with 5 other children in my family, a sickly grandmother, and a hectic life, money has been stretched thin, so this is not easily achieved.       For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be an anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist is the doctor who is in charge of monitoring the patient's anesthesia when in surgery, making the anesthesia, and keeping a check on the patient.        Growing up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, I never thought my dreams of going to a prestigious boarding school would be fulfilled, until I stumbled across this website: http://www.brentwood.bc.ca/ 
   Brentwood is a private boarding school, which upholds a very high expectation of academics, which is something I do not get in a public school. Students from Brentwood receive offers of admission from many different universities in many different countries, and going there would elevate my chances of being accepted to a good university, and consequently a good medical school, greatly.
   In British Columbia, the teachers are on strike. They are not giving out report cards, they are limiting extracurriculars, and not being as helpful to students as they usually are. This affects me majorly. They are trying to show the government they can not be pushed around, but the students are the ones that are being caught in the crossfire and being affected. At a private school, this wouldn't happen, and I'd get a much better education.
   Brentwood is about 3 hours away from where I live. I know I would be away from my family, but they all support me greatly. However, I would need to find accomodations somewhere nearer Mill Bay. Tuition and boarding at Brentwood is $39 900, but just being a day student would be $21 000, and I could board at a person's home. I know $21 000, let alone $39 900 is a lot to ask for, but however you can help, it is greatly appreciated. I also know that my deadline is pretty extreme, but Brentwood only accepts applications until every space is filled.
   Thank you all very much

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