Horses Helping Veterans COPE with Internal Wounds of PTSD. "OPERATION HORSE" in New Jersey @ Spring Reins of LIFE (501c3)

SPRING REINS of LIFE (SRoL) is located in Somerset County (heart of Central New Jersey). Our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) services are provided by experienced/licensed, caring professionals along side a select herd of Horses that demonstrate a unique ability to provide peace, present moment, trust and personalized coping skills which alleviate the constant triggers and entrapment of past trauma. SRoL is EAGALA Model program certified (Equine Growth and Learning Association) which is an internationally recognized governing organization active in all 50 United States and over 52 countries around the world for un-mounted horse assisted therapy focused on mental and emotional well-being. SRoL is HIPAA Compliant. Talk therapy does not work for everyone, more specifically for PTSD survivors and SRoL offers an alternative approach of therapeutic intervention that is proving to be effective with lasting results for combat veterans with moderate to severe PTSD.

In 2014 Spring Reins of Life earned and has maintained a special certification within the EAGALA Model titled "MILITARY SERVICES PROVIDER", we are the first program in New Jersey to obtain this certificate (see: SRoL currently serves veterans on the PTSD units at Lyons VA Hospital and has a waiting list (reliant upon funding) for outpatient/ongoing group EAP services - which is what this campaign will fund!

SRoL is completely run by volunteers! This allows us as a small nonprofit to allocate the majority of our funding to be spent on services, not salaries. Please consider joining us in becoming part of the solution for veterans in New Jersey! There is an epidemic of suicides daily for combat veterans who served in OIF (Iraq), OEF (Afghanistan) and Vietnam wars and talk therapy, nor prescription drug therapy is proving to be ineffective at helping to save lives. Your donation of $10 or more, can help to save a family, a marriage...or a life! All donations are tax deductible.

OPERATION HORSE is a therapeutic intervention designed to work with groups of veterans (average group size is 6-8), some private sessions may be deemed necessary on a case by case basis. Participants will be screened to determine the most effective intervention for their needs. During EAP sessions, the horses will be interacting in free-will (loose) with the participants in a safe enclosed space where we set about specific activities and exercises designed to open doors for thoughts, emotions and internal struggles. The EAGALA Model facilitation team comprised of a licensed mental health professional (MHP), a certified equine specialist (ES), and Horse(s) will work with the participants in the group to help them understand their emotions, their body language and the horses’ reactions to them. The horses offer chances for veterans to discover immediate consequences of mal-adaptive behavior, and explore and create strategies and behaviors which promote appropriate and positive responses.


For more detailed information please visit this page on our website.

Also see our YouTube Channel "Playlist for EAP and Veterans"


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See video clip of NJVMA 2013 Winner of Service Animal Hall of Fame - STRAW - for her work with Veterans & Youth:

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