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The Speech Academy is a unique, intensive and comprehensive speech and language-based school specifically for children with communication disorders.

The program integrates the academic curriculum set in the Connecticut state core standards and blends it across multiple subjects, where every component reinforces language goals.

True friendships flourish at The Speech Academy!

Here, no child views another as different, and individuals are embraced and respected for who they are. With these built-in peer supports, relationships grow, and self- confidence develops that carries over into life outside of school.

Our children not only learn from one another, but they take pride in what they are able to teach. Since we are fortunate enough to have such a diverse student body, each student brings his or her own strengths to share.

Since there is a wide range of levels of communication abilities among the students, they are strategically and purposefully grouped according to each child's goals and abilities.

Your help will allow us to:
Invest in the dedicated people who are working with the children
Invest in enhancing school facilities and maintaining the structural improvements to the buildings
Investing in a science lab
Creating an art lab
Expanding the technology program
And much more.....

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