Hurricane Sandy Relief For Staten Island, New York!

Hello All,

A group of us wanted to band together to help people in need who have lost their homes and have been left with just the clothes on their back. These people need help not only rebuilding their homes, but need to buy clothes, diapers, food, water, and need to relocate and find places to stay during the midst of winter. These people lost everything. Many are so severely effected that they are in shock. You drive by local neighborhoods in Staten Island and it looks like a war zone. The newspapers and news do not do the damage and loss any justice. You really need to see this with your own eyes. Help People! There are many great charities out there. This is the opportunity to help people who need help now! Funding is not coming quick enough and these people have families and need to get back to work. Please help our cause and donate today and feel good about helping people in need!

Thank you,

Staten Island Resident

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