Straightforward, Simple and Competitive

    Our fees are the fairest and most straightforward in the industry. They don't depend on transaction size or type, and offline donations are always free.

    Quick simple

    Quick and Simple

    One account, no third party registration or login. No complicated transaction fee structure. No campaign time limits. No minimums. Just start fundraising.

    No Merchant Account Required

    Unlike other fundraising sites, you don't need a merchant account, PayPal Account, or any third party service to process your payments. We handle it all for you and distribute your funds via Check or ACH at no charge. For a small fee, we'll even wire your funds to you.

    No transaction fee

    No Fixed Transaction Fee

    Other fundraising platforms charge a fixed fee per transaction, which can represent a huge percentage of the transactional volume. If you are selling tickets to a fundraising event, and your event site charges $0.99 per transaction in addition to credit card and service fees, this equates to an additional 4% fee on a $25 ticket. has no fixed transaction fee, and as the table below illustrates, our fees are the lowest in the industry – by as much as 32%.

    4.5% Fee


    Credit Card Fee



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    $10 Donation

    • $0.75
    • $1.09
    • $1.54
    • $1.09

    $25 Donation

    • $1.88
    • $2.28
    • $2.37
    • $2.28

    $40 Donation

    • $3.00
    • $3.46
    • $3.19
    • $3.46

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