Phoenix and Coral Scoles Avalanche Fund

On Feb 28 an avalanche swept through the Lower Rattlesnake in Missoula, MT, destroying homes and burying four people, including Coral Scoles (10 years old) who was able to get herself out quickly and her brother Phoenix Scoles (8 years old.) He was buried for over 45 minutes and miraculously recovered by local volunteers, Search and Rescue and emergency responders.

Living up to his name, Phoenix is doing well.

Moments like this define a community-- hundreds of people running TOWARDS an accident, rather than away. People working into the night to find the three victims, all of whom somehow were trapped in air pockets that kept them alive until rescue, up to 3 hours.

But now there is a secondary avalanche to contend with-- bills.

Phoenix and Coral's family is hurt, traumatized, lost their rental, and have no rental insurance. Their mom is a student at the University, set to graduate in May. She is a single mom (recently engaged to Casey Greene) who is currently injured as well. Help is needed for expenses, a new rental and the gift of time to heal. We want her to graduate, we want the kids to recover. They need us to pitch in so they can more than survive, so they can focus on each other and the task of dealing with this traumatic event. This will take both time and money.

This family needs our help to dig out again.

Pitch in. Dig deep.

Let's run towards this, together.

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Another family was displaced from their rental home and needs help as they await their Habitat For Humanity home in December-- please consider giving to:

To help the other avalanche victims (a man and woman with multiple injuries) there is a bank account for donations that has been set up for the Allendorf Family Fund at any branch of the Missoula Federal Credit Union. For information, call the Credit Union at (406) 523-3300. For updates on Fred Allendorf and Michel Colville you can go to

Also please keep an eye out for fundraisers in the future for the owners of the homes involved (which are rentals) as it is as yet unclear if homeowners insurance will cover this, and damage will be determined throughout the spring.

*images from the Missoulian and Facebook

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