JJ's Family Avalanche Fundraiser

When the avalanche swept into Missoula it destroyed homes-- The community rallied that day-- digging into the night to find survivors. The community continues to rally for fundraising for those involved.

One of the families involved is JJ Bessette and her two children (Sage, 11 and Arthur, 15). Their rental home is buried in 15 feet of snow. They were already chosen by Habitat For Humanity to have a house built, groundbreaking in April, set to be completed in December.

This family needs a bridge to make it through-- finding a temporary home, and recovering what has been lost. The families involved all need to be able to focus on the recovery rather than the financial hardships. And most of all, they need to feel safe again.

Let's continue the rally and make sure this mom and her children are taken care of.

NOTE: there are multiple fundraisers going simultaneously-- they are not competing with each other, they are simply set up separately as a way to organize the giving and distribution of funds.

Spread the love: To help the other avalanche victims (a man and woman with multiple injuries) there is a bank account for donations that has been set up for the Allendorf Family Fund at any branch of the Missoula Federal Credit Union. For information, call the Credit Union at (406) 523-3300. For updates on Fred Allendorf and Michel Colville you can go to www.caringbridge.org

Also please keep an eye out for fundraisers in the future for the owners of the homes involved (which are rentals) as it is as yet unclear if homeowners insurance will cover this, and damage will be determined throughout the spring.

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