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Fairy Tail Endings is a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Sarasota, FL.

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EIN #27-3018028
2703 Fort Worth St
Sarasota, FL 34231

Nonprofit Classification:
Charitable Organization
NTEE Code:
Veterinary Services

Mission Statement

- Providing financial assistance to pet parents who have maintained the standard health care of their pets but are unable to afford life-saving or quality of life enhancing medical treatments or procedures for their beloved companions. - Providing needy families free access to monthly preventatives & basic veterinary care that enhances their pet's daily quality-of-life & minimizes the occurrence of preventable diseases & conditions such as heartworm disease, urinary tract infections, flea allergy dermatitis, etc. - Helping qualifying pet owners address health issues that are manageable through routine testing, diet, supplement or prescriptive treatments by providing financial aid for veterinary diagnostics and treatment, as well as PRN support services. - Helping seniors and disabled pet owners on fixed, limited incomes keep their companions healthy by providing financial aid and support services such as transportation assistance to veterinary and grooming appointments, in-home care, etc. - Helping individuals escaping domestic violence secure emergency, temporary boarding for their pets while they seek safe residence. - Marketing services directly to areas needing intervention the most and partnering with some of the organizations serving low-income families in our community. - Educating applicants in a positive, non-intrusive way, by providing them with literature on local spay/neuter programs, basic pet requirements, solutions to common behavior issues and/or coordinating participation in such programs.


Helping families in need keep and care for their furry friends!