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Phoenix Tarantula Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Phoenix, AZ.

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EIN #27-4620950
Po Box 74756
Phoenix, AZ 85087

Nonprofit Classification:
Organization to Prevent Cruelty to Animals
NTEE Code:
Protection of Endangered Species

Mission Statement

To provide tarantula owners with a safe, non-judgmental and confidential alternative if they find themselves unable to keep their tarantula. To provide an outlet for shelters and other rescues that are not equipped to care for small exotic pets. To promote awareness, preservation, education, and responsible tarantula breeding and ownership. Captive bred tarantulas are healthier and more environmentally responsible than wild caught tarantulas. Crossbreeding and hybridization of tarantulas is not advised. Handling of tarantulas is not advised or endorsed by the Phoenix Tarantula Rescue. Some species of tarantula have potent venom, and tarantulas can be harmed or can die from a fall. Handling is dangerous for the both the tarantula and for the handler.


When people encounter our organization for the first time, we are often met with some puzzled looks and misunderstanding of our group's mission. A common question we receive is, "Why do tarantulas need rescuing?." To fully answer that question, we must make two distinct categories, "wild" tarantulas and "pet" tarantulas. Wild tarantulas are those that are living in their natural habitat and are collected and sold in the pet industry. Pet tarantulas are those bred and raised in captivity for for sale as pets. WILD-CAUGHT TARANTULAS Our mission for wild-caught tarantulas is to discourage their sale to the public with education and awareness. Additionally, we educate the public in general about tarantulas in and around where they live and work, which helps dispel some common myths and fears. When most residents see a tarantula wandering around their yard, they don't know why it's there. If you live in Arizona, you are most likely looking at a mature male tarantula who is a lover, not a fighter, and actively looking for a girlfriend before he expires. PET TARANTULAS Our mission for pet tarantulas has several elements. First, some background. The concept of keeping tarantulas as pets is not new, and in fact the hobby is growing quickly worldwide. If you live in the US and would like a tarantula that comes from Africa or Asia, it is only a few mouse clicks away. Hobbyists and dealers all over the world trade and share tarantulas as pets and for breeding purposes. With a slow economy and the relative ease and inexpensive nature of a tarantula pet, we expect the number of households with one or more tarantulas to explode, especially in the next few years. Our concern is now that tarantulas are being imported from all over the world into the pet industry, we are seeing some pet tarantula owners that must get rid of their pets due to life changes. A common reason we see is when new partner or spouse may not be comfortable with the pet, or a new baby is on the way and the new mother would rather the tarantula not be there. What to do? It's not a cat or dog that can simply be brought to a local shelter or rescue. Most local shelters and rescues are not prepared to take in a tarantula or other exotic pet, and most information found on the internet on their care is contradictory, dangerous, misleading and incorrect. Therefore most people do not see the harm in releasing their pet into neighborhoods or also here in Arizona we commonly hear of "releases" at ASU or other college campuses!