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Tanglewood Athletic Association is a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Orange Park, FL.

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EIN #01-0691392
Po Box 30066
Orange Park, FL 32065

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Charitable Organization
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Baseball, Softball

Mission Statement

THE PRINCIPLES OF BASEBALL by Coach Paul Reddick #1 Persistence is more important than talent #2 If you are jogging, stretching or playing catch, make sure you do it better than anyone else. #3 Respect the game as much as you want to be respected #4 The direction of your hat is the direction of your life #5 Practice the way you play games? All go, no quit #6 It doesn't take talent to hustle #7 Be a student of the game, learn its history and you learn the game #8 Help your team win if you're playing or not #9 Never argue with an umpire, they remember faces #10 Allow your coaches to coach you #11 Set high standards along with knowing the steps to attain them #12 Don't tell people how good you are, prove it. #13 Your friends are not more important than your future, don't give into peer pressure #14 Your parents love you, but they don't know more about baseball than your coach #15 Don't let anyone make an excuse for you #16 Maintain eye contact, it shows maturity and respect #17 In baseball, it's your coach's opinion that matters, not your friends or your parents. #18 Life is not fair, regardless of what some people may tell you #19 Be enthusiastic about your teammates #20 Love the game #21 The only thing your coach owes you is honesty #22 Body language screams, it never whispers #23 Balance makes champions, if you focus on just hitting and ignore defense, you will never become a complete player #24 Defense wins games #25 Pitching sets the tone of the game #26 Games are lost, not won. Mistakes lead to losses #27 You can win a league with a few good pitchers, titles are won with great pitching staffs #28 Work on your game everyday, the team that beat you does #29 You don't have to be a great player to be a great ball player, hustle. #30 Show off your talent to your coach and your future coach #31 Baseball doesn't build character, it reveals it #32 Character means doing the right thing when nobody's watching


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