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Discovery Schoolhouse Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Milton, MA and is focused in School, college, trade school, etc..

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EIN #04-3164952
101 Blue Hills Pkwy
Milton, MA 02186
(617) 333-9876

Nonprofit Activities:
School, college, trade school, etc.
Nonprofit Classification:
Charitable Organization

Mission Statement

In our local area there is a need for quality childcare for younger children, and, for older children and adults, cultural and arts programming that is accessible and affordable for a diverse group of families. We attempt to ameliorate this need by providing developmentally appropriate and affordable childcare, providing tuition assistance for needy families, encouraging other childcare providers to accept families receiving tuition assistance, offering parent and teacher training workshops, and establishing an affordable, multicultural community arts center that can help build community and family, and extend educational opportunities to participants of any age. Milton and its adjacent Boston neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Mattapan have exciting and challenging demographics, with a wonderfully diverse population, whose lives, roads, and communities border and overlap each other often. Taken together they are at once urban, suburban, and rural; low-income and wealthy; densely and sparsely populated; and comprised of both individuals whose families have lived locally for generations and recent immigrants who are linguistically isolated. Although these disparate demographics create a wealth of cultural richness, ethnic diversity, and growth, they can also create elements of disconnection and friction in the community. Within one mile of our childcare program, are city apartment buildings, a suburban college, large tracks of wooded conservation land, industrial zones, working farms, abandoned property, densely populated and vibrant cityscape, multi-million dollar estates, and a low-income housing development. We serve families from all these environments and we see them come together at the school. A major strength of Discovery Schoolhouse is that we are able to attract a wide diversity of families from the community. This is due to our physical location, our affordable tuition, and our very high standards of care. Although we do not have statistical research on the diversity of nearby programs, parents and other providers have frequently commented on our ability to attract a diverse group and any observer would be struck by the lack of diversity at other nearby programs, both in Boston and Milton. The people of Milton and its contiguous Boston neighborhoods are underserved by area arts and cultural facilities, and this is particularly true for the children in these communities. "Boston continues to have a higher concentration of arts and cultural facilities in the neighborhoods with fewer children. Conversely, those areas of the city with more children and more families have fewer local options for arts appreciation and activities" (BIP). While Boston can boast many large and mid-sized, world-class arts facilities and other programs near its downtown, "the distribution of neighborhood-scale facilities in proximity to the concentration of children?indicates the potential for cultural enrichment closer to home" (BIP). "Trends [in Boston] have resulted in a growing mismatch between the location of children and the location of cultural facilities" (BIP). Indeed, in the more downtown Boston areas there are as few as 2 to 9 children per cultural facility, but ?in ''kid intensive'' neighborhoods like Mattapan" there are about 500 children for each facility (BIP). In Milton the ratio is similar, with approximately 2000 school age children (or younger) and just a few facilities or programs.