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Chloe Sanctuary For Parrots And Cockatoos is a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Fallbrook, CA.

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EIN #26-2630721
Po Box 1958
Fallbrook, CA 92088

Nonprofit Classification:
Charitable Organization
NTEE Code:
Bird Sanctuary, Preserve


The Chloe Sanctuary for Parrots and Cockatoos places birds in good homes in the San Diego and Southern Riverside areas. Before placing them, we evaluate their emotional and physical well being. Once they are ready, we find them good homes where, with the proper love and understanding, everyone can be happy. We often take in abused, physically challenged, and emotionally unstable birds to heal them. Pebblez, pictured above, was one such bird who came to us and received love and care until the end of his days . When possible, we place these babies in good homes. When this is not possible we care for them for life. They deserve the best care no matter how damaged they may be. The Chloe Sanctuary is a scientificially-based environment where parrots and cockatoos are healed, volunteers and caretakers are trained, and the public made aware of these exceptional creatures. Using hands-on education and lectures, seminars and adoption events, we share our knowledge and love for these wild animals. Without knowledge the untrained caretaker can emotionally damage a parrot and they may scream continuously, bite or rip out their own feathers. These are not normal behaviors; they all stem from improper handling by humans. With affection and understanding the naturally loving nature of these magnificent creatures can shine out.