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New Blue Rugby is a men’s rugby club made up entirely of Quinnipiac University students, which upholds a tradition of excellence, camaraderie, and athletic achievement. However, our history is also one of adversity. When Quinnipiac University transitioned to a Division 1A School, our club was dropped from the University and cut from all funding. For the club, this meant no funding and no access to University fields for practice or games.
Since being dropped from the University our club has continued to compete and has moved from Division IV to Division III after back to back undefeated seasons in 2005 and 2006. As an unaffiliated team New Blue was and continues to be an entirely student lead and funded club. This puts our club at a serious disadvantage in this highly competitive division where every team is professionally coached and receiving funding from their respective schools. With no assistance from our school, we are forced to pay for our own uniforms, referees, field rentals, transportation, and tournament entrance fees, along with many additional fees necessary to run a team. Despite this hardship our club has been very successful. In the 2012-2013 season our club won the New England Colligate Rugby Conference Championship and after a great showing at the New England Regional Rugby Tournament was ranked 8th in the Country by the National Small College Rugby Organization.
As a club we have made a great effort to redefine the ethical responsibility each individual possesses here on campus by participating in events we find to be morally sound and beneficial to society as a whole. Some events that we have participated in recently are Relay For Life, St. Baldrick’s Child Cancer awareness, the Helping Hands program, as well as a variety of additional fundraisers. New Blue Rugby is founded upon moral righteousness and we pride ourselves on our sense of community

Considering our financial situation we are asking for your support in finding the necessary funds to pay the league dues. Please help us raise the money needed to make the most of this great opportunity to prove ourselves as one of the top teams in Connecticut. In addition, the money raised will help fund our annual memorial tournament in the town of Hamden that is held in honor of two players who passed away in 2002. As a part of this tournament, we hold an alumni game where the younger players have the opportunity to learn from as well as get to know the proud former members of this club who worked so hard to keep the club together. As the cost of officials and the appropriate field space has increased, our club is asking for your help in keeping this tradition alive. We are a team with no coaching and no funding, but we make no excuses. As a club we are coming to you in this time of need. Any assistance that you are able to give, even of the slightest degree, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

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