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Dear Friends,

Little Denis is a wonderful little boy from Russia who was born with Apert syndrome, a congenital disorder that caused the skull plates to fuse too early, requiring major surgery in order for him to survive.
Denis can grow and develop like a normal child, as long as his skull is surgically corrected to keep up with his growth.
On July 3rd Denis has successfully undergone 11 hours of surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.
Despite going through the many challenges of his complicated treatment, Denis continues to be a happy and curious child, laughing and smiling when he gets to play in between his medical procedures.
It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of his journey in a small way and I encourage you to join me in helping us raise the funds for Denis to finish his treatment. Any donation is appreciated and I hope you receive as much joy from being a part of this miraculous story as I have.

Please read full Denis's story here:
Eighteen-month old Denis has Alpert syndrome, a congenital disorder that caused his skull plates to fuse too early, while his infantile brain is growing rapidly. This resulted in a malformation of his skull, face, and hands. Denis required major surgery to separate his scull plates in order for him to survive.
Unfortunately the rate of survival after such surgeries in Russia is close to zero, due to unavailability of adequate post-surgery care. A team of craniofacial surgeons from Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan agreed to volunteer their time to perform the surgery. The team is led by Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate and includes my brother-in-law - Dr. William Thompson.
Denis is from a small town near Penza, Russia and his father has been working two jobs to support his family, which includes his two older healthy brothers. Meanwhile Denises mom stays at home to care for Denis. Despite the challenges he faces every day Denis remains cheerful and precocious. He learned to say “mama” and “papa” and “ouchie” when something hurts. He loves to flip through colorful books and to receive kisses from his mommy on each check.
With the help of a fundraiser in Russia we have been able to raise enough funds for the initial estimated cost of $100,000. On July 3rd Denis has successfully undergone 11 hours of surgery. Although the surgery itself was successful, Denis needed to stay in the intensive care unit for 23 days to assure the swelling went down and to have a trake installed to help him breathe, as the shape of his head began to change, making it more difficult to breathe. Due to the extended stay at the ICU the costs of the care have increased.
Beaumont Hospital continues to provide the best care possible at every step, we need to raise the necessary funds for them to continue to do so. Denis is due for a follow up surgery at the end of August, where the doctors will fix Denises nose to allow him to breathe independently and work on separating some of his fused fingers.

The hospital and the doctors have been amazing in providing Denis with all the necessary care as additional needs came up.
We are looking forward to December – January when Denisesreatment will be complete and he can continue growing and developing into a kind human being he has thus far has shown himself to be.

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal and for giving Denis an opportunity for a normal and productive life!

If you have any questions before donating, please feel free to reach me at irinarostova@gmail.com.


Irina Rostova & Fundraising Team for Denis Chubanyuk

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