Adopted Abby Gives Back

We brought Abby home from the Sebastian County Humane Society (SCHS) in August 2006. She has proven to be a loyal friend and a treasured member of our family, someone who gives way more than she receives.

In honor of what the SCHS did for Abby and what Abby has done for us, I want to pay our good fortune forward to the animals currently awaiting their new families at SCHS, similar to Abby’s situation 8 years ago.

Please join us in our Third Annual Adopted Abby Gives Back Food Drive! The SCHS is currently going through 200 pounds of dog food and 75 pounds of cat food per day. Our goal this year is to raise enough money to buy 1 month of food to feed all of the animals in the shelter. All proceeds go directly to the Sebastian County Humane Society and receipts for tax purposes can be provided. Thank you so much in advance for your gift!

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