Organizing a fundraising walk is a great way to raise money and get some exercise too.

A fundraiser walk is a great way to generate support and donations for your charity or cause. This type of event will appeal to many exercisers because it involves a low-intensity activity that is also group-friendly. The planning process may feel overwhelming at first, but by following a few simple steps, you can successfully organize your own event.

Start by creating a planning committee made up of group of your choosing – friends, co-workers, community volunteers or representatives from local businesses or health agencies are a good place to begin your search. Try to look for people with enough bandwidth to become actively involved in your event and plan to meet at least once a month with your first meeting six months prior to the selected event date.

Next, decide with your committee what you will name the event, the distance you would like the walk to be, and where you wish for it to be held within the community.

Choose a location that will work well for a walk such as a local park or neighborhood. Consider factors such as scenery for the walkers, space for spectators, and access to public parking and restrooms. Check with local city or town government and law enforcement about use of these areas, permits that are required and the need to shut down streets on the day of the event.

Invite sponsors to help support your event. Ask planning committee members to call, email, or visit local businesses to inquire about monetary donations or product sponsorship. The money can be used to cover rental costs, the purchase of race bibs or supplies needed for the event day. Product sponsorship can be used to feed participants after the event or for goodie bags or prizes.

Create your registration form on Decide how much you will charge for a registration fee and how much money you will ask each walker to raise for the event. Also, choose a registration deadline.

Send out email invites to the event and encourage all participants to do the same. Advertise your event through social media channels and on local radio stations, local television stations, and local newspapers, if possible, and by placing registration information at popular businesses around your city or town.

Gather refreshments for the event day such as water, sports drinks, energy bars, healthy bakery items and fruit. Ask local companies or brands to donate products, where possible, or consider asking local businesses to pay cash sponsorships, that include on-premise recognition and provide food or beverage to walkers and supporters.

Plan the event day by assigning committee members to different stations including the start line, along the course, at finish line, by the refreshments and at the prizes. A few days or the night before the event, prepare any race packets that participants will pick up, and organize registration forms and waivers.