Use social media to enhance the experience at your fundraising event.

An event is by nature, a social affair. People attend to connect, interact, and share with their peers. People also join social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect, interact, and share information with their peers.

Given their similar natures, it makes perfect sense to use social media to help make your events an even more social experience. After all, if your goal is to get as many people as possible interested in organization or cause, then social media can help spread the word beyond your core base of members, donors, and volunteers. Here are some ways to make your events more social:

Use a hashtag: Creating a hashtag (such as #FunRunNYC) and encouraging your supporters to use it will help to foster discussion, and will allow people attending the event to meet each other more easily. (Hashtags will allow you to listen and join the conversation more easily because you can follow the hashtag feed).

Use a check-in app: When your guests check-in using apps like Foursquare they’ll know which of their friends are also in attendance. They can also share tips and photos with others in their network. Be sure to create so attendees have somewhere to check in to.

Promote your social presence: Be sure to post your Twitter handle, Facebook Page, LinkedIn profile, and any other social media presences you have at your event. Encourage attendees to post to their social networks from their smartphones, and to “tag” you in their posts.

Share photos and updates: Thanks to mobile technology, you don’t need to bring a camera with you to document your event. Snap pictures of your guests and post them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Or just share text updates about what’s happening.