Share the generosity of your guests directly with your cause of choice by creating a charity registry.

The practice of a bridal registry was first instituted by Chicago-founded department store Marshall Fields in 1924 as a means for engaged couples to indicate chosen china, silver and crystal patterns to family and friends. The list, made available to wedding guests, is updated as items are purchased, helping to prevent duplicate or unwanted gifts, and potentially saving time for both giver and recipient.

However, as couples are now more likely to live with one another before marriage and multiple marriages are on the rise, the traditional concept of the bridal registry has evolved. One of these evolutionary concepts is the charity registry.

By choosing a charity registry in lieu of a traditional bridal registry, you’re able to share the generosity of your guests directly with your charitable cause of choice. Setting up your charity registry page on allows your guests to make secure online donations in support of the organization of your choice as their wedding gift to you.

Just like a gift registry, a charity registry lets friends and family know about your charitable preferences and guides their giving. When you create a charity registry, you may specify a certain dollar amount for each donation, or allow your guests to choose the amount of their gifts. Also, by using the EIN number of your charity of choice through all of your donor guests will be provided a receipt for tax deduction purposes.