One simple and inexpensive way to have a fundraiser is to throw a spaghetti supper or a pasta party.

One simple and inexpensive way to have a fundraiser is to throw a spaghetti supper or a pasta party. With pasta’s unique ability to lend itself to many styles and recipes, it’s a great way to both draw in a crowd and raise funds for a special project or an organization. The key to raising the money you need is promoting the fund raising event and making the pasta dishes as delicious as possible.

Start by finding a suitable location that will comfortably hold the number of people you expect to attend the event. If you have the space, some great (and free) ideas include your school cafeteria or gymnasium. VFW halls, parks, firehouses or beaches are also possibilities (depending on the weather and where you’re located).

Set up your page on and be sure to include the time, date, location, (rain date/location, if necessary) and the cost for the spaghetti supper. Posting signs around the school and sending flyers home with the children is also a great idea. Make sure to explain who/what the fundraiser is for and that all monies will go to that specific recipient.

Purchase your pasta and ingredients at least a day prior to the fundraiser. A good rule of thumb is to plan on making 4 ounces of dry pasta per person. To add variety to the pasta, think about making different meat spaghetti options such as one with meatballs and one with sausage. Include one link of Italian sausage and 1-2 meatballs depending on size, for each plate served. For store bought sauce, one 14 ounce jar is required for every two pounds of pasta. Check with the store manager to see if a discount is possible for fund raining event supplies.

Making the meatballs a day in advance is also a good idea. There are plenty of great recipes, online, depending on which types of meatballs you enjoy. However, assembling the meatballs ahead of time will allow you ample time on the day of your event.

(Note: You may also want to consider vegetarian options such as eggplant depending on the demographic of your guests).

Cook the pasta, sausages or meatballs on the day of the event. Undercook the pasta slightly to make sure it doesn’t get too soft during serving. Roast the meatballs and sausages and add some of the rendered fat to your sauce as well for additional flavor.

Heat the pasta sauce about an hour prior to the event. In a large pot with boiling water reheat the pasta by dunking it in the water in the colander. Place the pasta, then the sauce and finally the meatballs and/or sausages into chafing dishes.

Place paper plates, utensils and napkins out for use and serve with utensils. Sliced Italian bread and extra sauce is also a nice touch out with the pasta.