Here are some tips on how to start collecting ideas for your organization or cause.

Cocktail parties, bake sales, pizza parties, boxing events, formal dinners… There are hundreds of thousands of fundraising possibilities out there. Here are some tips on how to start collecting ideas for your organization or cause.

Start by gathering existing fundraising information from your organization. Figure out the types of events or fundraisers that have been done in the past and talk to others in your organization, if possible, about what worked and what didn’t work.

Next look to sister chapters of your organization in different cities or other charities in your area. Though you don’t want to copy cat exactly what other organizations in your city or town are doing, it’s always good to have a solid handle on what events or fundraisers are popular and successful with your desired demographic. If you start thinking enough months in advance, try to keep a clipping book of ideas

Friends, family, and co-workers are also a great source for fundraising information and ideas. Ask them about events they’ve been to lately or those they attended in the past and what was memorable about their experiences. Listening to others stories is a solid way to get your creative juices flowing.

If possible, conduct a brainstorming session with your organization leaders, board members or events committee. Write down any original or innovative ideas that are suggested. Remember, the more interesting the engaging the idea, the more attention your fundraising event will receive.

Don’t be afraid to think “outside of the box;” bring to mind activities you like to do, in general, and think about how you can turn them into successful money-making events and fundraisers for your cause.