Ideas on how to secure free advertising for your school fundraisers.

School fundraisers help local centers of learning raise money to provide additional services to their students. Many times, these funds go to buy books, equipment or fund fields trips and educational experiences. Using multiple streams of media, anyone can effectively advertise a school fundraiser for free. And as everyone knows, the golden rule of any fundraiser is that the less money you spend upfront or production costs, the more of the money that goes directly towards the cause.

Create a Page on is a great way to get the word out about your fundraiser. It’s not only a free resource, but it also provides your fundraiser with a centralized location to drive traffic to obtain information about your event. Also, because of it’s powerful url in relation to fundraising, it pulls up very high in search engine traffic.

Create a Flyer. Use your home or school computer to create a simple or elaborate flyer. Be sure to include all the relevant information – date, time, location, etc. Print off several copies and post them around your school. Sending flyers home with students and including information about the fundraiser in the teacher’s bulletin will help get the word around. It’s also a good idea to ask local businesses if they’ll let you put the flyer in their window or on their employee announcement board in the break room.

Utilize Social Media. Ask students, teachers, and parents to leverage their social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word. Including the link to your page in Facebook posts or in tweets will help to keep traffic centralized while the information goes viral. Think about creating an event on Facebook, inviting friends, and encouraging them to invite their friends as well. Don’t forget to send out emails through, especially if you have a large email database of students, parents and teachers associated with your school.

Utilize Your Local Media. Have a volunteer writer draft a press release for your event. (A press release is a one-page document that outlines the important details of your fundraiser including date, time, location and reason for your fundraiser). Email, fax, or messenger this release to every local TV, newspaper, magazine and radio station in your area. Most forms of local media will at the very least list your event on a local calendar of events, while others may highlight it in an article or on-air segment.