Church fundraising can support many of the projects and causes that your church pursues like youth mission trips, new facilities, and outreach programs

Church fundraising can support many of the projects and causes that your church pursues. Causes like youth mission trips, new church facilities, and outreach programs. However, ideas for church fundraising are sometimes hard to find, and then it’s often difficult to figure out which one has the most likelihood of success.

The process of developing a church fundraiser should begin by examining what resources you have available. Do you have a large, energetic youth group? Do you have a supportive local business community? How many people are on your fundraising committee and how much time do they have available? Assessing and analyzing your congregation and your community can help you decide which is the best type of fundraiser to use.

Next, decide how much money you need to raise to meet your fundraising goals. Small amounts can be raised through simple endeavors such as car washes, bake sales, and church wide yard sales. If your church needs to raise larger amounts of funding, then an extended fundraising campaign may be in order.

Finally, have a church meeting to brainstorm and develop ideas that your church can employ to make fundraising a positive and profitable experience for all involved.

Here are some good ideas for church fundraising:

Cookbook: Develop a church cookbook with recipes written by congregation members. Include a variety of recipes and then use a contract cookbook printing company to develop your finished product. Using you can set up your page to accept credit card payments and additional donations for your books.

Clothing: Sell a collection of t-shirts, hoodies or reusable grocery bags with a religious message printed on them. Include bible verses, religious imagery or content developed by your congregation.

Pancake Breakfast: Sell tickets to a pancake breakfast and enjoy food, family, and fun with fundraising – a great reason to get everyone together to eat, talk, and enjoy one another.

Chili Cook-off: Have some awesome cooks in your church? Try a more dinner-friendly fundraising option and put them to work with a little friendly competition in chili cook-off. Tickets could include all-you-can-eat chili or a few samples with an option to buy more; it’s completely up to you.

As mentioned before, it’s best to assess your congregation and community to determine the best fundraiser for your group.