Paintball Team Fundraiser - Fees, Paint, and gear! Please support us!

We're a group of young guys that love to paintball. We've recently joined together to create our team - L.A. Legions. Most of us are still too young to even get a job. We've been holding bake sales, recycling, among other things trying to raise money to get our team up and running. Paintball is a very expensive sport and so we would love it if you could donate to our cause.

Typical costs are:
$1000.00 for basic set up gear
$50.00 - $70.00 for a case of paint (1 case = 1 day)
$40.00 for a day of paintballing (to train and run drills)
$35.00 - $80.00 for tournaments (we try to get in at least one tournament a month)

These are estamates based on a per person basis.

Anything will help and we truly appreciate every dollar.

Thank you in advance,

Team Captain Jordan Blair and Team L.A. Legion

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