This campaign is launched to support the two Kenyan street kids Ezra "Balotelli" Nyongesa (12) and Samuel Mwangi (15). Money donated to this campaign will help keep them off the street and provide them with an education.

Thousands of street kids live in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Hungry and rejected by society, they struggle every day to get by, at great risk of falling into crime and drug addiction.

Balotelli and Mwangi are two young skateboarders, that have been living homeless in Nairobi for several years. Both have been abandoned by their families at an early age and have been forced to take care of themselves.

But with your help we will provide them with a safe place to live, a guardian to take care of them and the chance to go back to school.

Your donation will go strictly towards basic necessities, like rent and schools fees. If we reach our goal of 10.000 USD, they will both have been able to finish high school and have a roof over their heads until they reach the age of 21.

REGARDING DONATIONS please note: The payment form field for postal code is only formatted for numbers, but donors with postal codes that include letters can still donate. They can enter any five digits (00000) in the postal code field, and include their complete postal code in the address field instead.

Fundraiser T-shirts are available for purchase here:
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100% of proceeds go to the kids.

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For more information please contact Casper Haugegaard

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