how was your summer at the park?

We've been working as a council—in partnership with our favorite park, with the help of their amazing employees, our fantastic volunteers and our generous sponsors—to make Jefferson Memorial Park the best neighborhood park in the best city in the world.

We'd love your help to make this great park even better. If you've enjoyed coming out to our free events, including the frequent and popular Bouncy Tuesdays, the large special events, the movies in the park, the live music, the Chess Club, and everything else, please consider giving a small amount toward our goal.

What's this Money For?
Your donation will help us toward our overarching goal of improving our park's facilities and amenities and increasing the quantity and quality of the events in the park. Our park needs new tennis nets and a wind/sun screen for the courts; it needs a refresh of the small house so that it can be used for events and programs; it needs equipment for the fieldhouse, and it needs new and exciting events and programs that are free for everyone.

For Instance
$10: Contribute Toward Paint for an Event, or Contribute Toward Food for an Event
$25: A Set of Table Tennis Racquets
$50: Chess Sets and Table Tennis Equipment, or Water Guns for an Event
$100: A Table Tennis Table, or Paint for the Small Field House
$250: A Face Painter for a Special Event, or A Movie for a Saturday
$575: Ponies to Ride for an Event, or Contribute Toward a Small Bouncy House

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