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In December 2011 My wife Rachel Porus, at the age of 29 was diagnosed with end stage renal(kidney) failure. She has since been on kidney dialysis which filters her blood of waste that a functioning kidney would normally do. She attends dialysis three times a week, for a total of 4 hours each day. This takes a mental, physical toll on her as anyone could imagine. The only way to eliminate the need for dialysis is for her to get a kidney transplant. The average wait time for a kidney in her blood type is around 12 years. I got tested to be a donor for her, being as I am her husband and want to do anything I can to get her back to good health. After several series of tests, I was found to be a suitable match. We are planning on having the transplant surgery in late september 2012. During recovery neither Rachel or myself will not be able to work for approximately 12 weeks. During this time, we still will have all the day to day expenses that any normal household will have. I am not one for asking for help with financials, however this is one time in my life that I will put my pride aside, and ask for any financial assistance that anyone could afford. I am doing what ever I possibly can to help my wife with her health issues, and this choice is going to take a huge financial toll on us... Please find it in your hearts to help with whatever you can... Thanks for taking the time to read this and God Bless
Rachel had a Gallbladder surgery that went terribly wrong. She was sent home 3 hours after the surgery, only to be rushed back to the emergency room due to her bleeding internally after the surgery. She had to undergo surgery again, during which the surgeon removed 2.5 liters of blood from her abdomen. After which she needed 3 units of blood, which changes the antibody levels in her body. So the transplant date is pushed back until the end of October possibly beginning of November. We are on the tail end of the transplant process and just awaiting the day now. As soon as some financials are taken care of, we will be going thru with the transplant. I'd like to thank everyone for any donations and also assistance in spreading this page. It has been a great help so far and we are on a roll to meeting our goal, so we can move forward. Thank You

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