Help Jamil complete the renovation of "Sayang Sanctuary and rescue" so he can save many more Animals

Hello friends from around the world. Jamil and Sayang Sanctuary needs our help more than ever. Between his savings and the donations we received he was able to get most of the demolition work done as well as the construction of the cat condos and start of JK and Shaki's huge outdoor enclosure. But funds have ran out and Jamil is very worried and scared the project will not get finished. Let's keep the ball rolling and chip in what we can. We all know Jamil's heart, he pours it out in his videos. No one can deny the love and care he has for his rescued Animals. With the new Sanctuary he will be able to do so much more. Jk and Shaki will finally have room to run and play safely as well. Please share the love!

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Hello to all you animal lovers and friends from around the world!
I truly believe Jamil is one of the Earth's angels! Jamil is an animal advocate, cat rescuer, monkey rescuer and friend to all from Kaula Lumpur Malaysia. He goes night or day and picks up sick, injured or dying stray cats, abandoned pets and gives them treatment for any illness, injuries and provides them a permanent home. Jamil is just not someone who rescues animals. This man has dedicated his life to this cause for over 25 years! Jamil gave up his career as the Prime Minister's personal assistant to take care of these animals and work towards his goal of one day having a full sanctuary for all his animals. His dream of 25 years is to have a rescue center and sanctuary park that is open to the public to enjoy his beautiful animal friends. Now he has an opportunity to build his dream as he has been given family land in another area. No one can take his land. Jamil is planning on Renovation of his family land, home and buildings that has been abandoned for over ten years. It is beautiful land full of fruit trees and plenty of room and buildings to do great things! Again no one can take it away from him either, like the government did in the past.
I first read about Jamil and his life and was intrigued. Jamil is an amazing man, A true warrior for animals, their rights and their well being. He is following his heart, his conviction and his beliefs that animals should be cared for and treated as good as any person would be treated. Yes, this can come off to some as a bit misunderstood, but remember we all share DIFFERENT cultures, religions and views about animals and many other things.
Jamil has been on several media shows and programs thru the years. Often times in quarrel with corrupt government and politicians.
Jk and Shaki, Jamils beloved "kids" his two pigtail macaques spend their days being spoiled and loved beyond words by Jamil. They go just about everywhere with Jamil in his van or his leopard print scooter and are always ready for a joy ride! They have brought so much joy to many people around the world. Jamil's sense of humor, his love, his dedication is contagious. If you are not familiar with Jamil, JK and Shaki I ask you to look them up, you will absolutely enjoy the videos and be amazed at his life.
Jamil truly is a gift to this Earth. He touches so many lives along with jk and Shaki.
It is amazing how the internet can work for good and bring people from completely different cultures, walks of life and even religions together for a common goal as this. I wish this world had more. This is not only a story of rescue but a story of humanity.
Here's a news article about the first try Jamil did at building this rescue sanctuary. It outlines the corrupt politicians and how they waited until Jamil spent his money to fix up an abandoned building over run with drug addicts, only to take it away for a political office....sad. This fundraiser is for Renovation of land NO ONE can take away!
This fundraiser is still active as Is Jamil's renovation. Alot of construction has been done but due to financial depletion and the covid effects construction is very slow. Jamil needs our help to finish what was started and make everyones efforts and generosity show the beautiful Sayang Animal sanctuary!

Small donations are appreciated as much as big donations. $5.00 to one person is the same as $500. It all depends if you have excess or not. So thank you to everyone!

Thanks For Your Support!

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