Build a fundraising page in under 5 minutes
    Manage your fundraiser
    We make it easy to share your fundraiser
    Our team will remind you when to take the next step
    We make it easy to send email invitations friends & family
    Secure Donations
    Reports on donation activity
    We make it easy to sell tickets to your events
    Automatically populated check-in application

    Getting Started

    Sign up free with no monthly fees

    Sign up free without paying a monthly fee. The Fundraise fee is just 4.5% of donations plus credit card fees — enabling everyone to use our platform.

    Build a page in under five minutes

    Set up your fundraiser page with our easy page builder. Upload photos and videos, enter a description and a catchy headline, and make an effective page to attract donations.

    Publicize your page

    Use the social media links built into your page to spread the word. Since our pages are accessible on all mobile devices, your audience can donate on their mobile phones and tablets.

    Fundraising Features

    Fundraise for organizations of all sizes

    Small organizations can reach a larger supporter and donor base, while large organizations won't have to build their own fundraising portal just to have the flexibility they need to run effective fundraising campaigns.

    Fundraise for a nonprofit

    Link your fundraiser page to a non-profit to transfer the funds directly to the organization.

    Rely on Bank Level Security

    All donations are secured by a bank level Extended Validation SSL Certificate from Verisign providing at least 128-bit encryption.

    Event Features

    Organize your events

    Sell tickets, track your guest list, and promote your event by easily customizing your fundraiser page.

    Receive tips to help you fundraise

    Take advantage of our one of a kind nurturing features as we send you emails with helpful fundraising tips.

    Fundraise on multiple levels

    Allow supporters and evangelists of your cause to share your fundraiser with their network and raise money with you, increasing your reach, visibility, and community engagement.

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