Heritage Flight Museum Annual Gap Campaign

Founded in 1996 by Apollo 8 astronaut Maj. General William Anders, the Heritage Flight Museum is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and flying of historic military aircraft. Visitors are welcome to get an up-close look at the collection of memorabilia and artifacts, and a selection of flying World War II, Korean and Vietnam era aircraft.

After 12 years in inadequate, temporary facilities, HFM recently announced that they will be moving the Museum to Skagit Regional Airport in the beautiful Skagit Valley. The new facility provides space for all of the Museum aircraft, collections, maintenance, programs, events and administration to be under one roof with a beautiful view of the crosswind runway. Visitors will be able to enjoy a front row seat to see and hear historic aircraft in action, in the air. Area businesses and individuals will also be able to host private and corporate events with the Museum as a backdrop through facilities rental. A steady stream of calls to support will see languishing programs reinvigorated and available for the community to enjoy.

But... we need your help! As Heritage Flight Museum moves forward into this next phase of its existence, the core challenge is sustainability. We run a tight, lean ship here, but flying and maintaining vintage aircraft to honor Veterans and keep history alive comes at a cost. We have a small staff and a strong corps of volunteers, but we still see an annual funding gap of about $360,000. Your support now and in the future will keep our aircraft flying, our doors open, and our programs running.

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