Residential School

The mission of the Global Academy for International Athletics is to train children from all nations of the world, particularly children from the 99 nations that have never won an Olympic medal, for the Olympics and for careers in professional sports.

The Academy also prepares those athletes for second meaningful careers in engineering, medicine, teaching, business, diplomacy, etc. The second mission of the Academy is to offer a new model for the teaching/learning enterprise and for financing public education for the 21st century.

This new model is based upon a suggestion from Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman that the child, as soon as his/her talents are discovered, take charge of his her education and training by executing, with the guidance of his/her parents, an "Educational Mortgage." That "Educational Mortgage" qualifies every child for a first-class education and removes government from the equation. That is, the government’s role is not to finance the child’s education -- the child and or the family does that. The government’s role shifts to overseeing or monitoring the quality of child’s education.

We are establishing Academy locations in Albania and Costa Rica under the guidance of Dr. William Maxwell with the full support of the National Olympic Committee of Albania

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