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No one would have even guessed anything could be physically wrong when they saw the strong, smiling, attractive man talk to them. With a beautiful wife and a family that had increased with a beautiful baby girl Jermey and Brenda were your typical busy, working parents. Jermey has a passion to serve God, which he did by helping homeless people and working with men in transition at Camp Haven Inc.

On Friday, May 5th the young family had their lives shattered. Forty-one old Jermey Gable, who had been suffering with periodic bouts of severe abdominal pain found out, after CT scans, MRIs, an endoscopy and numerous lab work that instead of pancreatitis he had an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer which had spread to his liver. The oncologist suggested he start chemo therapy immediately. "Without it Jermey, you may not live longer than about 4 months" said the oncologist.

Jermey and Brenda were stunned to say the least. On the way home they wondered how they would handle the family finances as the couple had no health insurance and were still paying on a prior debt. They do not know how they will make ends meet with the additional financial burdens they will face. The family is a faith filled family and have asked for prayers on Facebook. I can see they will need all the help they can get. I do not want Jermey to do anything but focus on fighting the good fight. I have taken on the challenge of raising money for them. Jermey will call the Moffitt Cancer Center, in Tampa tomorrow for a second opinion and then proceed with the type of chemo therapy required.

Jermey has been asked to eat healthy and avoid all fats. He was encouraged to keep his work out schedule to stimulate his immune system and to return to part time work while taking chemo, if he can with stand the after effects. We who love and care about Jermey and Brenda need to support them now. We could all at least pray for Jermey and his family, donate to the fund if possible as their expenses will soon be mounting up. Together we can encourage Jermey to keep his spirits up. Please give what you can. Jermey and Brenda will appreciate it.

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