Village In Focus 2016

We at Village in Focus know that we can't cure all of the world's pains but we have decided to focus our energy on one village in rural Uganda - Bbanda. In May of 2015,
your donations allowed us to install a water tank, pump and a five tap stands so that villagers no longer have to travel for miles to carry water to their homes. Your donations help improve the health, quality of life and education of Bbandans. Thank you! Now in the next stages of our work with Bbanda we are assisting the village in the construction of a Health Center with an operating room and in the expansion and improvement of its educational resources. We are providing schools with books, supplies, and the construction of new roofs and buildings as necessary.

Join us in this work to help people in Uganda achieve some of the basics we take for granted.

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Below, you can view a video of the people digging the trenches needed for the water system!

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