Eugene Rudyakov

Hello, my name is Eugene, I live in Ukraine with his father disabled. I work on a half-rate, at a construction site, because his father needed care strengthened. The situation is that the money is only enough for food, growing debts for the apartment, and after 3 months may be left without a home. Local organizations can help nothing to us. There is an idea to go to work in Germany for the farm, but it does solve the problem of nurse for her father. Pay at least part of the debt. To go to Kiev for a visa and all necessary documents for the intermediaries. And the money to eat the first month. If I could implement this idea, then all would be to stabilize and start with a clean slate. Therefore, I address to you kind people.
If anyone can help me, I undertake to return the money as soon as possible. If you need more information, send me an e-mail account:
Thank you in advance.

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