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All at Elephant Watch and Save the Elephants, have been deeply shocked at the tragic killing of Khadija in Samburu, the last adult female of the SWAHILI LADIES. One by one her whole family had been killed last year and she was looking after her young and 5 orphans. In early June she had been badly wounded. We kept a close watch on her movements and on the 24th we immobilised her when she came into the Reserve, treated her wounds, put a collar on her and injected a massive dose of antibiotics and vitamins. We were able to follow her wandering and she was gradually getting better. For some reason she kept going south towards the "bad lands". On the night of July 13th in the light of the full moon as she wandered towards the river she was gunned down on the southern boundary line, in a barrage of bullets. We found her faceless with 8 bullet wounds in her body, the collar removed and hidden nearby. Her tusks had immediately been hacked off and taken to a trader.

An appeal from in support of Save the Elephants:

We are living in a world of over population, stressed ecosystems, poverty, greed and extreme wealth. Elephants seem to be taking a last stand. It is unacceptable that these majestic creatures should be gunned down with extreme cruelty to satisfy the greed of the Chinese. A war is taking place, anti poaching patrols are at the mercy of these guns too. It is our duty to give our support to those who are doing everything within their power to stop this useless killing.

Funds are needed desperately, as this Aug 17 correspondence from Save The Elephants' Iain Douglas-Hamilton in 'Nature' Shows:

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