A Young Father Fighting Brain Cancer

Ken's Run for Dan-

"26 miles for Dan, .2 for me"

Hello Friends,

I am running the NYC Marathon this November. 26.2 miles. The challenge of running this distance pales in comparison to the challenge that Dan and his family have faced battling brain cancer the last 2 years, that is why I am dedicating 26 miles to Dan and his family, and .2 for me.

Dan is the bravest person I know. I have been inspired by the his outlook and they way he has handled his situation.... his positive can-do attitude has been something that simply leaves me in awe. I have known Dan since my childhood and the cancer has not changed him. Dan is still Dan. While he has had to fight a battle that many of us can not even begin to fathom, he has remained positive and continues to live his life in a way that even the healthiest of people should be envious of...

While Dan has led a noble fight against this horrific disease, the battle has unfortunately left him and his family in a difficult financial position. As if the physical toll extracted by the disease weren't enough, the Feldman family must also overcome the incredible financial and emotional stresses encountered by many families afflicted by this disease.

Dan has three beautiful children that need to be supported through this. It is hard enough to deal with something like this emotionally, but to also have to stress about the financial impact of cancer is a lot to deal with.

We can all help. We will help. I will run for help.

Friends- please join me in supporting my dear friend and his family by donating to this cause. 92.5% of the money will go to supporting the Feldman Family as they continue to fight the good fight (7.5% goes to the website this is set up on, fundraise.com). If you know Dan, or even if you don't please take this opportunity to help someone in need. No amount is too little. I urge you to donate what you can.

My promise to you is to run like hell. I am running for Dan, running for his kids, running for his family..... running for all people who are afflicted with this horrible disease.

26 miles for Dan, .2 for Me

Please read Dan's story below.....

Dans Story: Last year, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Glioblastoma Multiforme A.K.A. "THE TERMINATOR." While, any form of cancer can be devastating, brain cancer carries its own special horrors. Hardships and challenges that quite honestly, I still can't fully comprehend. I am the son of two adoring parents, the brother of a supportive sister, the husband of a loving wife, and the father of 3 beautiful young children... And now with this diagnosis, I am also one of those tragedies you read about, "A young father dying of Brain Cancer." My goal is to live long enough that all my children will be able to say “Yeah, I remember Dad,” and have a concrete memory of me while I was still alive. Since my children are very young--Just 5 years, 3 years, and 18 months-- this is a very aggressive goal. To reach it I need to "Thread the needle" and become one of the 3-5% of people that live more than 5 years with this disease. To achieve this goal, I have enrolled in the FDA's clinical trial system. That means I am a patient at the precarious leading edge of cancer treatment. How close you may ask? By all estimates, VERY CLOSE! Basically, when a cancer treatment shows promise in the lab, scientists then try it in humans. I am one of those very first people who receive the drugs. It goes petri dish, rats, me. So far I have aggressively fought this demon with surgery, radiation and over a year of experimental chemotherapy. Most recently I became a volunteer patient at the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center--The Nation's premier biomedical research hospital the Clinical Center charged with rapidly translating scientific observations and laboratory discoveries into new approaches for diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. The NIH Clinical Center’s vision is to lead the global effort in training today’s investigators and discovering tomorrow’s cures. Over the past 2 years, we have exhausted our savings fighting this disease. It is only with the support from people like you that we have been able to fight this fight. With your help, I can continue fighting; hopefully helping the others while helping myself. Thank you listening to my story, supporting my cause and helping me and my family. Sincerely, Dan Feldman

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