Chris and Myles White Recovery Fund

On the evening of August 7, 2013 in a quiet suburb outside of Dallas in Desoto TX, Chris and Myles White were living their lives as normal kids do. On their cell phones, playing video games, and enjoying being at home with their family. Within minutes their lives were changed forever. Their Mothers estranged husband threw a grenade through a window of their home, kicked the door in, and began his reign of terror. Their Mother Zina (48) was killed, followed by their older sister Neima (28) who tried her best to protect Chris, Myles, and her 3 year old son Cohlin who were hiding in a closet. Chris was shot next and as the shooter motioned to shoot his little brother Myles, Chris threw himself in the way of the gun and took a second bullet. Unfortunately, Myles was still shot by the exiting bullet that hit Chris. The gunman ran out of ammo which saved 3 year old Cohlin who was pushed in the closet corner for safety.

The boys are now recovering physically, and mentally dealing with the fact that their Mother and Sister are gone. Their lives will never be the same. As a result of being shot, Chris suffered some damage to his spine and can not walk, but we are optimistic that he will recover 100% and pray that he WILL WALK AGAIN. Chris is a straight A student, band member, artist, dancer, and basketball player. For a 13 year old there are many obstacles ahead of him. Chris is a HERO and made the selfless decision to do all he could to protect those he loved. Myles also a straight A student and follower of his older brother is witty and full of energy. He seems to always see the bright side of anything. Cohlin was being raised by a single Mother as well and I am sure longing for his Mother every day. He was her life.

We are raising money for these children, their medical bills, therapy, and future needs. They are being cared for by their older brother Glenn and Keisha who are both college students. The older siblings (both under the age of 25) are now raising their little brothers as their Mother would have it no other way. Please do what you can to support this family. They need it desperately. A new home with that will support Chris and his wheel chair, vehicle, and hose are just the major things when you are starting over in this unexpected way.

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