Jump Start Buisness

Trying to raise money for a start up business so I can better manage my time helping the community. Owning your own business can be helpful to others if you decide. I'll have the ability to create jobs for the younger generation that are becoming less and less available as the older crowd fill these rolls. Father of three who really enjoys planning activities and supporting local events to better ourselves and others involved.

I'm looking to start a mobile snow cone business. Cost is listed below.

12-Foot Kiosk Complete
Basic Shell with Lit Top* $15,183
Water System $996
Hot Water Heater $256
Electrical & Lighting $837
Wheel Kit with Suspension $1,049
Standard Decals $1,589
Blower Tube $731
Snowie Sign & Cool Mist System $625
Special Offers:$22,909! comes e/w Snowie 3000, Snowie Started kit

The cost of this venture is more than I could save but would serve to bring much more value to many others.

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