$1000 in 31 days? we can do it!

UPDATED TO ADD: We raised our goal to $1000! We hit our $620 goal in only 1 day of being active, so why not shoot for the moon?!

Carina's beneficiary will be the West Seattle Food Bank: what I love about this location is their food bank is (newly) set up like a grocery store so visitors have the pleasure of going through aisles, picking out what they want/need with many more options, and have a much better experience than standing through a distribution line. It's the little things that count, right? Also, they're just badass — they distribute 1.4 million pounds of nutritious food, baby food, pet food, diapers, and hygiene supplies to over 8,400 individuals including 3,200 children and 1,200 seniors on a yearly basis. A YEARLY BASIS.


Camille's beneficiary will be the North Helpline in north Seattle: North Helpline strives to provide a wide range of services to their clients, to support them in whatever capacity they may need. They also provide emergency services, are a full operating food bank and this holiday season are aiming to raise enough funds to provide turkey's for their visitors. It's so true that the holidays can be a huge stress for a lot of families. How amazing would that be to have our neighbors celebrate the holidays with more food, more friends/family, more cheer without having to add stress? Let's help them get there.


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