2016 Philanthropy through entrepreneurship campaign

Entrepreneurship can have a positive impact on the lives of our youth—particularly those in underserved communities that are considered at-risk and hard to reach. As we learned last year from our initial partnership with BUILD – Greater Boston, entrepreneurship education inspires youth to stay in school and teaches them skills that last a lifetime. Students develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills, analytical proficiency, and leadership abilities as a result of entrepreneurship training.

Preparing students for success in the global marketplace is best accomplished by coupling traditional education with experiential, hands-on learning. Arming students with entrepreneurship instruction and real world business experiences can impact their futures profoundly. It makes school relevant and motivates disengaged youth to succeed. It is critical to the health of our nation that entrepreneurship programs be brought to our youth in underserved communities. We cannot afford to waste this talent in the new global economy.

For my second fundraising campaign, I have added two Chicago organizations: Future Founders and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Like BUILD, these two organizations work with at-risk youths to expose them to the global world of entrepreneurship. For 11 years, Future Founders and NFTE have worked together to provide hands-on, immersive opportunities and experiences to high school students in entrepreneurial classrooms in Chicago's low-income areas.

This is a great collaboration story. Through their partnership, Future Founders and NFTE inspire youth to become entrepreneurs with the underlying goal of propelling them to academic and career success. Every $20,000 raised supports programs and services for 100 young people across the partnership. These programs include business plan competitions, field trips to local businesses, and hands on mentoring and coaching by leaders in the business community.

I feel compelled to do my part – however small – to help organizations that work with our youth in underserved neighborhoods reach their full potential. As an entrepreneur, all three organizations appeal to me greatly in how they teach through real world business experiences. Make no mistake, they are making a difference in kid's lives.

BUILD – Great Boston, Future Founders, and NFTE all exhibit goals and missions that are consistent with The Wandering Capitalist’s. Please join me in supporting these three outstanding organizations.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Brian Dubin
The Wandering Capitalist

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