Keen to Succeed: Kenya

Mission of Brooks School: To provide quality education to less privileged children in Eldoret, Kenya, and create God-fearing, innovative and self-reliant individuals to eradicate poverty in their households, community and nation.

Currently the School is on a 50ft. by 100ft. piece of land donated by the founder, Mr. Wilfred Salimo. The most urgent need is to buy more land space (2 acres) to accommodate all new construction mentioned below. This will also provide for a play field to nurture talent on various sports and athletics.

"We have to rise to this reality and do what we can – educate the poor and the orphans, provide them with good shelter (orphanage), food and medical attention, and teach them about God," said Wilfred, founding teacher of Brooks. "The poor will continue to be poor if such households are not assisted. Let us provide for them and tell them about God’s goodness, His provisions, His love, His compassion, His everything, and that He is a good God."

After the land is bought, below are the future construction dreams in order to expand the mission of Brooks in Kenya.

•Construct a home for the orphans (18 now- June 2011): $7,000
•Construct a permanent classroom with electricity and better desks/tables and chairs for comfortable sitting and better learning (Need: 19 classrooms): $2,500
•Construct a modern kitchen so we are able to provide food to the students, at least one meal a day and 10 o’clock morning porridge or tea: $10,000
•Construct a permanent library with relevant books and other study materials: $5,000
•Construct a permanent computer lab so that every child can access e-learning (including 5 computers): $5,000
•Construct a dining hall/chapel: $15,000
•Construct larger home on property with running water, bathrooms, electricity and enough rooms to house missionaries, staff and children: $12,000

We thank you for making our dream a reality through the sharing of your financial resources. Even the smallest amount makes the biggest difference. God loves a cheerful giver!

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